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Why I'm Running

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

I'm running to create more opportunities for Virginians, curb partisanship, and to deliver real results for our citizens.

Garrison R. Coward

I am running because in today’s political climate we need to be able to come to the table with ideas and solutions to the challenges we face. In order for us to meet these challenges, we must not focus on the personalities of politicians, but instead focus on sound public policy solutions, and have a respectful dialogue surrounding important issues that our communities face.

People should, and always will come before politics.

Politicians on both sides like to put people in buckets, and pit groups of individuals against each other. It can be uncomfortable, but people, regardless of whom they are, time and time again say that they want solutions. Solutions to issues such as education, safety, transportation, healthcare, childcare, and the environment.

Every citizen in our Commonwealth deserves an equal opportunity, at a shot at the American dream. Every child deserves to have a solid education (regardless of where they live), and we need to do more to ensure that government is getting out of the way of its citizens, to allow them to thrive economically, personally, and in business.

It is my hope to build out a campaign surrounding issues that are important to every individual. We need to make sure that individuals have the right to pursue a great life, and the liberty to create the life that they desire, without the government interfering.

After all, it’s about equal opportunities, and not equal outcomes.

I plan to host focus groups, and go on a listening tour to meet individuals, and learn, discuss, and advocate for the needs of the citizens of the 68th District. At the end of the day: we must work together to meet the challenges we face. We will build a campaign that addresses the concerns of all people of Henrico, Richmond, and Chesterfield. We have people of all backgrounds and perspectives, who all have valid concerns, and are looking for an outlet to someone with solutions. We’ll grow our campaign, and hopefully govern our Commonwealth with policies that lead us into the future, with continued prosperity and opportunity. Over the next ten months, I look forward to hearing from you, engaging with you, worshipping with you, and exchanging ideas with you, even if we may not agree 100%.

I’m interviewing to be your public servant: as such please feel free to reach out to me on my personal cell at 804-513-6885 with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.

I hope to earn your support to be your next Delegate for the 68th District of Virginia!

Respectfully yours, 



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