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On the Issues


Good quality of life starts with a good education. Children deserve the right to a quality education regardless of their zip code, period.


In Virginia we need to:


  • Protect our teachers by ensuring competitive pay

  • Empower parents by giving them additional viable options for their children's education like public charters

  • Allow students to explore career fields in middle school to pique career interest earlier in order to prepare for future career and educational choices

  • Remove politics from our schools and focus on our children’s  education


Crime and Safety

We need to make sure that our communities stay safe. Henrico, Richmond, and Chesterfield have law enforcement and first responders that are second to none.


We need to do our part by:


  • Addressing road safety by ensuring that resources are being used to help with roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure issues that have caused tragedies especially in places like Midlothian, the West End, Fan and Monument District(s) 

  • Providing law enforcement officers with the resources to curb street crime

  • Encourage a meaningful community dialogue surrounding criminal justice reform



Economic Growth

The Greater-Richmond Area is home to many small and medium-sized businesses that are the backbone of our local, state, and national economies.


Virginia needs economic policies that:


  • Protect our businesses from higher and unnecessary taxes and regulations. Mandates such as repealing right-to-work laws, plastic bag taxes, and burdensome food and beverage regulations simply don’t work

  • Protect families by ensuring their take-home pay is protected from taxes that hinder their ability to save or invest in their futures

  • Encourage growth by incentivizing businesses to come, stay, and grow within our communities



Government Accountability

Virginia should be run like a business.  Voters should be seen as the Board of Directors and politicians our employees.


As such:


  • Politicians should be held accountable and to the same standards as everyone else

  • The government should operate as efficiently and effectively as possible

  • We should examine ways to control conflicts of interest 


Virginia should focus on providing better and more affordable healthcare for everyone.

We should make it easier for:


  • Doctors and patients to be in control of their own healthcare decisions based on their needs, budgets, and wants 

  • Examine prescription drug pricing policies

  • People with preexisting conditions to obtain and maintain coverage

  • Young people to stay on parent’s plans

  • More access to care through new technologies such as telemedicine

  • Recovery programs to seek and obtain funding to treat addiction



Our Mission

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